Cover Your Tracks

Concerned about someone finding out where you’ve been on the internet?
Read here about how to cover your tracks.

Limits of Confidentiality

Therapeutic conversations are private and confidential between you and your therapist.  However there are a few limits to confidentiality.  These are as follows.

Written consent is not required before making a report:

  1. If you tell me that you suspect a child is being abused/neglected or there is any suspicion of or any danger of a child under the age of 16 being abused/neglected, as defined by the Child and Family Service Act (CFSA), I am required by law to report that to the Children’s Aid Society.
  2. If you tell me or I strongly suspect that you are going to harm yourself or someone else, I will have to contact someone outside of The Purple Heart Stress And Trauma Therapy, for example, your emergency contact, the police, 911.
  3. I may have to release your records if a court subpoenas them.
  4. Non identifying information may be shared with an EMDR consultant or supervisor for the purpose of providing accountable, responsible and ethical therapy.

Otherwise, The Purple Heart Stress And Trauma Therapy requires your written permission (consent to disclose personal information; Form 14) to share information with someone outside of The Purple Heart Stress And Trauma Therapy.